Implementation and change 

We support you in implementing new technologies and innovative processes as well as mastering the necessary cultural change. 

Introduce innovations and implement changes  

YOUSE accompanies the implementation of new technologies and processes and supports the necessary cultural change. In doing so, YOUSE empowers  the participants to develop a vision for a better (digital) future and (actively) shape the transformation.

Our Approach

Our measures are versatile and not off the shelf. After an initial inventory, you decide which modules you want to use. We help you communicate a vision for a different, better business future. Together, we develop solution strategies to promote the acceptance of changes. In order for the change measures to work well, we activate existing resources in the company. Typical ingredients are:

Module 1 - Inventory

A high degree of participation is the key to success. We attach great importance to confidence-building measures in all interventions. The best results come from a clear "Okay" of the participants to try something new. This innovative inventory awakens curiosity and makes you want to change.


  • Recognize and name the opportunities of digitization for the company
  • Unusual Talk Places - specifically ask and actively listen
  • Create competence and quality profiles
  • Reviews with stakeholders
  • Roadmap Inventory

Module 2 - Corporate Culture

We want to understand the ecosystem of your company. Where and how do you use agile techniques? When do you prefer classical techniques in process management? We want your company to breathe more. We analyze the agility levels and perform a resource check.


  • Shadowing - understanding everyday life with observers help
  • Table talks - innovative business lunch formats that fit into your daily work routine
  • Wanted - t-shaped people, DNA carriers and potential multipliers
  • Digitization index - Measure and visualize changes in real time
  • Workshops and coachings
  • Roadmap cultural change

Module 3 - Organization and Cooperation

We support you in implementing communication and collaboration models in your company that are capable of sustainably promoting digitization and cultural change.


    • Empowerment: Developing a train-the-trainer concept
    • Individual and team coaching
    • Architecture and Osmotic Communication
    • Daily stand-ups
    • Work with squares of values