End-User integration in Research Projects

AAL Association

Toolbox User-Centered-Design in International Research Projects.


User centered design with and without integration of the right users at the right time is the key for market success of AAL solutions. Many research projects have too little understanding of how to develop user-friendly and powerful products. A set of easy-to-use tools should help.


YOUSE analyzed 104 European AAL-research projects (documents, questionnaires, interviews). Together with research in medical science, design, and innovation, this was the basis to develop a toolbox for user-centered  design – tested and implemented in various workshops.


Based on the findings three publicly available documents and a training program were developed: a guideline, a innovation method-toolbox and a knowledge base for innovation focusing on the generation plus. www.aal-europe.eu/involving-end-users

Analysis of 319 reports from 102 EU-projects
Surveying of 275 end-user-organisations
354 mounted lego bricks