Steigerung Akzeptanz regionaler Lebensmittel

Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture

LeguAN. Increasing the acceptance for regional foods


Legumes are healthy, good for the soil, and regionaly mountable - in short, we should eat more of them. Unfortunately, legumes are \\\"out\\\" - and this is what project LeguAN wants to change through new products and acceptance enhancing measures.


Within project LeguAN YOUSE focuses on idea development and enhancement of acceptance. For this purpose creative workshops and extensive tastings are carried out. Last but not least the willingness to pay is tested.


Noodles based on peas hit exactly the nerve of consumers. In addition, energy bars and conveniece-Foods have been developed, which can be sold best using the claim \"produced regionally\".

1.037 participants at the international green weekt
12 tons of processed pea flour
42 project partners