Best Practices Age-Friendly Banking

American Association of Retired Persons

Age-Friendly Banking – Studies of global Best Practices


In the US almost 40 million elderly people are part of the AARP. With this clout the organisation wants to motivate banks to establish offers suitable for senior citizens. Therefore YOUSE is searching globally for best pratices in the finance sector.


YOUSE analyses hundreds of documents and webpages and interviews a large number of experts to find offers of banks worldwide, which simplify the use or enhance the comfort for elderly people.


I.a. in Canada, USA, Europe, Japan and Brasil we found the information we were looking for – Debit cards for people with visual impairment, fingerprint identification at cash maschines or a concierge service... The outcome will be published i.a. in the Huffington Post.

Outcomes from 14 countries
Hundreds of analysed webpages
Tremendous coverage of results