„Designing a Human-Centred Future“: YOUSE Munich at the MCBW 2019


Workshop YOUSE MCBW 2019

At this year’s Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW 2019), 18 participants met at the office of YOUSE Munich in the evening of the 13th of March 2019 to jointly discuss and compile a user-friendly design of radical innovations.

After a short introduction to the definition of „radical innovations“, the workshop group with representatives from many different branches like health, automotive, education or product design discussed the challenges they face in the context of radical innovation. It became apparent that a good usability and consideration of all user groups are not enough for high acceptance of new technologies; subjective factors like fear of losing control, lack of trust in technology in general as well as a good change management and accompanying cultural change in organizations are also crucial. In this context, YOUSE experts presented their user-centred change approach, which is based on the experience from diverse projects that high acceptance of innovations is only possible if user-centred design AND change management are taken into account at the same time.

 After that, participants developed solutions for the gathered challenges in small groups, comprising not only early user integration, but also aspects like transparent communicaton or exemplary error culture. The workshop concluded with inspiring conversations, while enjoying pizza and drinks.

We want to thank all of our participants for the lively discussions and we wish everybody good luck and success with designing user-friendly innovations!